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Hello! My name’s Luca, and I’m a in-the-works CS:GO Competitive Player. I’ve been playing CS:GO for well over four months, and I’ve learned the basics and mechanics of the game. I’m an aggressive/passive Entry Fragger while also being a Team Player with nades and supporting teammates with their in-game goals. I’m in Gold Nova 3, and I’m willing to work up the ranks with a future team I might be able to call home. This is my future in eSports, and I’m working to make it happen. Won’t you consider helping me out in making this future visible?

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Entry Fragger Looking for a Competitive Team. NA (West)

Entry Fragger

I’ve been playing this game for over four months now. I’ve been watching pro games such as ESEA for a year now, and I’m well familiar with game mechanics mechanics and such. I’ve reached gold nova master, and inch willing to go higher with a well organized and non-toxic team. Positivity and determination in a team is what makes a functional team.

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