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I am a 14 y/o streamer that loves playing competitive video games such as CS:GO. I usually do post montages on my instagram and I also stream on Twitch a few times per month. I do alot of 1v1's in Fortnite and a few in CS:GO. I'm looking for an opportunity to work in a team to play in leagues and become a better player overtime.

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CS:GO CC Looking For E-Sports Opportunity NA (East)

Any that is needed to be filled

I definitely do play CS:GO a lot. I do play comp a lot as well and in many 1v1 lobbies. I will be a great asset to your team and will make you proud. I have also intelligence with not just outside of gaming, but in tight tough-thinking situations such as a 1v5. I'm also a team player and will be very useful in-game.

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