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NA (Midwest) Mix

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EU (East) Competitive

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NA (West)

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NA (East) Mix

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Russia Mix

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NA (West) Mix

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Indiana Soccer Becomes First AYCE Member to Sign Partnership with Rezzil

Indiana Soccer Becomes First AYCE Member to Sign Partnership with Rezzil 

Using VR and esports to improve the game for soccer players

FRANKLIN, IN – July 23,  2020 – Indiana Soccer has become the first state association as part of American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports (AYCE), to sign an agreement with Rezzil, a market leader in virtual reality training and cognitive development. Beginning today, Indiana Soccer players have access to Rezzil’s training VR platform, which runs a series of enhanced drills for players to interact with a virtual ball using natural movement patterns

Horizon Group Properties and Harena Data, LLC. partner to bring drive-in movies and esports arenas across the U.S.

Horizon Group Properties and Harena Data, LLC. partner to bring drive-in movies and esports arenas across the U.S.

A new attraction coming to consumers in 2020

UNITED STATES - July 16, 2020 - Horizon Group Properties and esports analytics company Harena Data, LLC., through its brand USA Drive-ins, have today announced a partnership to develop drive-in movie theaters and esports arena centers in four major cities across the United States. At the arenas, consumers will be able to enjoy, watch, and compete in major esports events and tournaments in their cities, all from the comfort of their vehicles while respecting social distance guidelines.

Global Digital Sports forms the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports

Esports and gaming organization Global Digital Sports, LLC., in partnership with esports analytics company Harena Data, Inc., has today announced the formation of the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports (AYCE), an organization aimed at bringing collective esports leaders together to improve the industry as a whole. As a cooperative, state associations can coalesce and scale the force of their esports programs and tap into national sponsorship more effectively.

Harena Data and Rezzil Partner to Provide VR Sports Training and Analytics to Players Across America

Rezzil, a market leader in virtual reality training and cognitive development, has today announced a strategic partnership with analytics company Harena Data, Inc. that offers cutting edge technology to help youth soccer players improve their skills and prepare for games. Beginning now, Harena Data clients, such as Youth Soccer Associations, are able to take advantage of Rezzil’s training VR platform.

Want to compete for a free PS4, Xbox One, or Switch Lite? Invite your friends!

Hello Rocket League Competitors in the Qurantine Cup!  We are so STOKED to kick off the Quarantine Cup THIS Monday, April 20! 

We want to invite you to invite your classmates and colleagues to compete as well for three reasons:

Reason #1: The top player in the Quarantine Cup from the school with the most participants will receive a free PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch Lite!  Say what?  Boom!  Right now the front runner is Central Michigan University with 24 registered.  So tag your friends for your chance to compete for the big prize!


Reason #3: More Players, more fun!  

So tag your friends, send them a text, give em a ring, ping them on Discord, and get them to sign up here on Gyo or through the portal at

Also, please set up and form your 3v3 team for Rocket League.  If you do not have a team we cannot guarantee that you will get to play in Rocket League.  You can create your team here:

Stay tuned for more updates, and we can't wait to watch you compete in your first match at 6 PM CST on Monday, April 20!

Let's Taikai!

Indiana Soccer Association and GYO Score Announce Partnership

Indiana Soccer Association and leading esports and gaming sabermetrics platform GYO Score have partnered to announce the “Keep Kids Playing” campaign, an effort to enable Indiana Soccer’s youth soccer organizations to continue playing with their teammates in esports competitions during Indiana Soccer’s Coronavirus outdoor soccer suspension. Clubs and players will register for free on the GYO Score esports platform and the Champions eLeague Series will then provide an outlet for soccer players & coaches to remain connected, compete, play and learn within a safe, digital environment.

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